My Dream for Nigeria – An interview with Rev. Yunusa Nmadu

My Dream for Nigeria – An interview with Rev. Yunusa Nmadu

You’ve read about the challenges facing Nigerias religious minorities. Now we’d like to introduce you to Rev. Yunusa Nmadu, who runs our partner organisation, CSW- Nigeria, as he works to bring about religious freedom for all Nigerians. Rev Yunusa spends his days working with communities most affected by religion-related violence or other religious freedom violations. Let’s find out what life is like for our team working on the frontlines…

Why Did You First Want To Set Up CSW-Nigeria?

When I first came to the CSW UK office in 2008 for two weeks work placement, I came face to face with information about persecution in my country, especially in northern Nigeria. Although I had been a victim of persecution in Nigeria myself, and knew of the issues in that part of the country CSW’s report impressed more on my heart the realities of Christian persecution in Northern Nigeria. I wanted to identify and partner with CSW in their work in Nigeria. I believed that if CSW was able to accomplish what they had from the UK, then we would be able to accomplish so much more with a team on the ground. So, for the love of creating the awareness of what thechurch is going through in northern Nigeria, and standing in solidarity with victims of persecution, I offeered to pioneer the work of CSW-Nigeria.

What Does A Typical Day Look Like For You?

My typical day is usually crazy! I am pastor of a church with a membership of 700 and I am a district pastor responsible for over 100 other pastors. I am a husband and I am the CEO of CSW-Nigeria. Indeed, this is a little too much for one person! Most days my day begins at 2 or 3am. After family devotion in the morning at 6am, I leave for the office at 8am where I would attend to the different concerns of my various responsibilities. I spend time with my family in the evening and often spend time with church members who need my attention.

What Inspires And Motivates You To Persevere On The Most Difficult Days?

My motivation is in the fact that I am serving God. And because this is so, the results of my service encourage me to carry on. I am also encouraged by the fact that those I serve are appreciative of what we are doing because they are seeing results in their own lives, whether it be church members, victims of persecution or the pastors I am responsible for. I am always satisfied when what I am doing is touching lives in such a positive way

What’s Your Vision Or Dream For Your Country?

I hope to see a Nigeria where no one will be defined by their religious persuasion or tribal affiliation, but by the merits of their character. I dream for a Nigeria where Christians, Muslims and those of no faith will be freeto believe what they want to believe, and change that belief whenever they feel convinced to do so, without molestation or threat to life. My vision is for my country to be a just, equitable and fair society for all.

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