Skills acquisition training for 30 widows and 2 orphans in Kafanchan

Skills acquisition training for 30 widows and 2 orphans in Kafanchan

The Fulani herdsmen are an Islamic jihadist organization based in the Middlebelt of Nigeria. The Fulani herdsmen are known primarily for attacking Christians (Through wanton destruction of lives and properties). They have been responsible for a huge number of deaths across the region .

In Asso community, Jema’a  Local Government, around 2016, one Shedrack Danjuma was shot dead in his bedroom and part of the room was burnt down. Later the community members  discovered it was the Fulani Herdsmen that did the act. Then in Febuary 7 2017, one village head Mr Benedict Taru was also shot dead on the unfinished bridge along Asso-Wazo road by the same Fulani herdsmen. March 19 2017, Stephen Makama was also killed on his farm by the Fulani. Then on April 15 2017, twelve [12] people were killed and on May 15 2017 again  Augustine Bijimi and his daughter were also killed inside their bedroom. Two other persons from Jagindi Tasha were killed that same day at the unfinished Asso bridge. October 10 2017, Joshua Daniel was killed on the farm by herdsmen who were rearing their cattle who disguised themselves with mask.

A total of twenty two [22] people were killed apart from seven [7] wounded victims. All this attacks are carried out  for the simple reason of being Christians. Majority of those that were killed during the attacked were men and young boys who stood up in defense of their community, there by leaving over a hundred  women and children widowed and orphaned as a result of the attack, they were left without any source of income/livelihood.

In response to the plight of the widows in Southern Kaduna from Kaura Local Government (Ashim / Malagum) and Jema’a Local Government (Bakin Kogi /Asso) , Christian Solidarity Worldwide Nigeria With The Support Of Christian Solidarity Worldwide-Uk sponsored the training of 30 widows and two Orphans  in basic skills, such as Bead making, sewing souvenir bags, making Liquid detergent, and room fresher to generate income so that they could take care of their children, and have a new source of livelihood. Each trainee went home as an entrepreneur.

It is expected that each one of them will take what they learnt to a higher level. They were not only taught how to start  bag making/ detergent business/Jewelry, but they were also taught on how to organize  for a master class in which they could train others for a fee and It is gratifying to note that all of them are now on the part of being able not only to take care of their children, but also other dependents.

Unfortunately there is much still to be done. There are also many other women who have been widowed in similar attacks remember you can GIVE towards other Trainings,You can Pray and yes you can Volunteer to be a part of us….God bless you

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